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Dear Friend,

Have you heard about The American Dream?

..the dream that, “life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each, according to their ability and achievement, regardless of their social class or circumstances of birth”

244 years after independence, The American Dream continues to inspire the nation, hold its people together, and gets everyone pushing in the same direction and makes the country what it is today.

Besides America, our neighbor, China has a “Chinese Dream,” which promotes prosperity, collective effort and national glory.

Even smaller countries like Qatar and New Zealand have also stated their national dreams.

But what about India?

Do We have a dream that can push us in the same direction and that can inspire you, me and a billion others?

Yes, We had a dream, in the past.

Dream of an independent country. 

But that dream ended after we achieved it.

But what about now?

Do we still have a dream that can inspire us into action?

Yes, there is a new kind of dream that has started emerging from every nook and corner across the nation.

Inside this book, You will discover what this new Indian dream is all about.

And how this new Indian dream is driving the new Indian middle class achieve their own version of success so they can move up in the society regardless of their age, gender, caste, education or background. 

The book is now available on Amazon in all the major countries. 

Go ahead and get your copy. 


-Vinodh Subramanian


Self Made Indian Movement

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Vinodh Subramanian

Vinodh Subramanian is the co-founder of Fromahome Marketplace and The Self Made Indian Movement. He is one among the millions of middle-class Indians that are working their way up in society. 

He is working towards making upward mobility possible for millions of lower and middle-income class individuals, like him, via his projects.

Some of his works have been extensively covered by various media houses such as The Hindu, Times of India, Deccan Chronicle, Your Story, The New Indian Express, and regional media such as Dinamalar, Daily Thanthi, Aval Vikatan, Captain TV, Daily Thanthi, Puthiyathalaimurai TV and so on.

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